In collaboration with Blackbeard Venture Studio, we developed Rocket-List: the platform where parents-to-be can create their personalised baby list and add products from any online shop. With independent product recommendations from parents and experts.

Rocket-List Website

New club colors for EVZ?

Starting 2023, Nerves has been supporting the Swiss Cyber-Security Expert InfoGuard as the new lead agency. With a striking brand fresh-up, the industry leader is consistently going on the offensive. The ambition has rubbed off, in the first step on the Bossard Arena: sponsorship for the EVZ has been significantly increased and at the start of the season the new InfoGuard Lounge shines over the ice. In addition to blue and white, the EVZ is now bright yellow.

Bühler & You

Creating a rebranding for a friendly agency was a wonderful task. At Bühler & Bühler, there is a great atmosphere in the team and they live a partnership approach with their clients. We focused on these essential values. The focus is on the employees and the customers. Each and every one of them is a part of the new branding: "Buhler & Rebecca" just as much as "Buhler & Swisscom. Because only together have Bühler & Bühler become what they are today in ten years.

AI Self-Portrait

We asked AI to draw a self portrait of itself, 10'000 times. Here is what we discovered the next morning.

Visana Fit Platform

Together for a healthier Switzerland: Visana advocates for an active, healthy lifestyle. Nerves provides the concept, design, and programming of the new digital platform. For the autumn launch campaign, the ambassadors Mujinga, Chrigu, and Ditaji motivate people to participate in the Visana Challenge through a widespread campaign on TV, out-of-home, and digital channels, while also introducing them to the new health platform. An attractive offer is presented that motivates, inspires and can easily be integrated into the daily lives of families in Switzerland.

The digital platform provides users with knowledge and information about personal health and fitness and encourages active participation. Users can join in a variety of challenges, ranging from cooking and baking competitions to daily personal fitness tips and mental health checks. The offering is continuously expanding - which doesn't come to a surprise since after the launch campaign, the platform already has over 10,000 active users.

Thou shalt use AI to unleash creativity

The year is 2023, it's time to write your own book.
Feed our robot and watch creativity walk on water.

The Book of

Interactive Smart Screens for the Fondation Beyeler

The municipality of Riehen is moving with the times and has started using smart screens for its digital communication this year. In addition to community publications and location data, the info screens also offer an attractive platform for cultural activities.

As part of, Nerves was tasked to develop a cityDISPLAY module which allows for the easy integration of external content (like event calendars, map data, or public transit connections), as well as a user-friendly content management system that allows for additional features such as digital posters and advertising. The module can be configured and tailored as needed, and can provide different flavors of the frontend depending on where the screen is physically located.

A simulated version of the touch screen can be tested here. The physical screens, built by BURRI public elements, can be found in Riehen, Basel.

Development Strategy
Schaffhausen 2030

What does Schaffhausen of tomorrow look like? The canton, representatives of the economy and the population have worked out their vision of the future with "next", a common direction and over 60 project ideas for the next 10 years. We designed and implemented the digital platform for the development strategy.

ISS News

Re-launch of ISS News - Neat!

Credit Suisse Asset Management Portal

Credit Suisse Asset Management, along with their innovation team from the iAM Lab, recognized the importance of a truly interactive clickable prototype to properly test and ultimately deliver the best possible user experience for the new Asset Management Portal.

Traditional web prototypes often don't have the amount of flexibility needed for an agile development approach, resulting in static mock-ups and an untested result. That's why at Nerves we love to implement prototypes using real, made-for-production frameworks and technologies, allowing us to move fast and integrate changes and feedback across-the-board immediately.

We found a great partner in Nerves. With great commitment they were able to deliver concrete solutions, crucial for the user experience, in a very short time.
Pascal R. Nägeli, Chief Digital Officer Credit Suisse Asset Management

With over 470 billion USD in assets under management, and 440 investment funds, the new Asset Management Portal will provide a key service for the wide array of customers and is part of the Credit Suisse push into digitalization.

Nerves was tasked to design and develop, over a set of seven sprints and fourteen weeks, a fully-functional clickable portal prototype, including the user interface, master layouts, key functionality and a staging backend for simple business logic and data warehousing. Our implementation even includes implementations of proprietary portfolio strategies and a fully functional fund filter and search mechanism.

The prototype caters for multiple user profiles and encompasses the requirements from multiple divisions at Asset Management. Serving as the foundation and gold-standard, the prototype has proven itself as very valuable throughout all phases of the rather complex and large portal IT project.