Credit Suisse
Mortgage Calculator

Credit Suisse offers support on the way to owning a home, among other things with an interactive mortgage calculator. Concept, design and prototyping by Nerves.

Standard UI elements such as sliders were given additional hints to the user to indicate valid ranges and allow a potential house buyer to better understand the correlation between property price, own funds and income.

Not only did Nerves help design the new calculator, we also developed high-performance UI components that give more room for real-time processing of mortgage strategies. On typical desktop and mobile hardware the components draw and update in under 10ms.

Mode Suisse Edition 20

Key Visual, Posters, Invitation and Credit Sheet

Photography by Walter Pfeiffer

Impressions from the show (photos by Alexander Palacios)

SSMM 2021

What a comeback – Sika’s Senior Management Meeting in Flims was attended by 150 participants from over 25 countries, live and in-person.

Nerves supported the organisation of the prestigious one-week event from planning to execution.

Photos: Simon Reinker

Laax Always Tasty

"From hungry to happy – as safe and comfortable as never before."
New on-mountain gastronomy concept for the Weisse Arena Group.

Concept and design in collaboration with Cremefraiche

Food images by nom-nom

Call to Action

There are a lot of clever ways to help users navigate to a call-to-action. Sometimes these helpers can increase business potential by large factors, dramatically changing the performance of a campaign, landing page, or product page.

Below is an interesting example how one can "magnetize" a simple button. Hover over or touch the mockup area below.

Just Play

2020 brought us enough nasty surprises. It is high time we strike back with some playful encouragement. With our monster Do-It-Yourself card set, we appeal to the instinct to play and multiply the joy via direct mail.


TouchWood — the world's first payment card manufactured from real wood. Made from local woods, with Swiss innovation, for a more sustainable future. A joint project by Zürcher Kantonalbank, Viseca and Swiss Wood Solutions, which sets an example in the area of sustainability.

Naming, design and programming of the TouchWood website — craftsmanship from Nerves.

Woodman 家族办公室


Mode Suisse Edition 18

Key Visual, Posters, Invitation and Credit Sheet

Playing #2

Serious play is the the essence of innovation.