Sopra Mare

Design of the new packaging labels for Sopra Mare, producer of finest olive oil, wine and grappa.


Corporate Identity and animations for Empirical, Zurich based start-up in user experience research and UX consulting.

Artists for Smiling Gecko

Hannes Schmid, Boldomatic and Ello raised awareness for the non-profit Smiling Gecko initiative. On January 31, Hannes Schmid and Steffen gave a presentation about the campaign at the Landesmuseum in Liechtenstein. The campaign reached 10 million people world wide.

Jewels behind the window

Sarina Arnold and her new collection – framed by Raphaela Pichler. Behind the scene we are busy working on the upcoming relaunch of Jewels For You.

2018 starts and ends with a Monday. Good or bad? It's only a matter of perspective.

We sent out a augmented reality card with our own answer to the question. Try it out yourself: open on your mobile, then point the camera to this digital version of the card.

From the Viseca skunkworks: Walter Finance. In collaboration with ETH Auto-ID Labs, HSG and Aduno Gruppe.

November Echo Romeo Victor Echo Sierra

Did you know we have life-size flight simulator in our basement? Designed and built by our engineers, the multi-simulator allows two people to fly in the cockpit of a wide range of different planes - from a small Cessna to the huge Boeing 747-8. All the flight instruments automatically adjust according to the plane being flown using our custom-made software.

The future is now. Microsoft Hololens visits the office for a day.

Let there be light.

We couldn't find any work lamps that fit our bill of requirements, so we designed and produced our own. High-efficiency warm-white LEDs provide over 5000 lumen per workspace, with separate dimmers for the top and bottom. The process involved prototyping and testing, with the final pieces made up of computer-cut birch wood, 3d printed mounting pieces, and aluminum heat sinks.

Brand spanking-new in the AppStore: Bubblegum by Boldomatic. Design and engineering by yours truly.