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Rebranding for Brogleworks

Seehaus Herrliberg

Restaurant Seehaus in Herrliberg is a gastronomic icon on Lake Zurich. After extensive renovation, Mike Gut and his team have created an island in everyday life that pampers guests all year long. Nerves is responsible for the rebranding. Photos by Johannes Diboky.

Grand Opening Invitation

Impressions of the Grand Opening (photos by David Biedert)

Sophie & Renée

The whitelabelling provider of fresh convenient food is about to disrupt the industry. The established catering experts from Franzoli chose Nerves to shape the offering and brand. The innovative MISE EN PLACE Technology, developed in-house by Nerves, provides customers with a comprehensive backend portal as a cockpit for assisting the entire operations and management. Get a taste for its capabilities.

3D customizable packaging for web, mobile and desktop? Yes, its possible. Thanks to our continuous R&D efforts in pushing the boundaries of web technologies, our 3D JavaScript framework allows us to include a fully-3D packaging viewer that let's visitors customize the labels and upload their own logos - creating a strong marketing hook for potential customers.

The comprehensive backend portal, developed for both internal use and for customers, provides detailed insights and tools for managing the entire business process. From maintaining detailed catalogs with thousands of product variations to placing orders to printing autogenerated packaging labels, the backend system is a workhorse supporting vital day-to-day operations. Not only are common tasks such as generating invoices and packing slips automated, but even a customers brand and pricing is automatically applied to all the packaging labels and printed on-demand on location next door to the kitchen.


The intelligent notepad, developed by bmpi, is changing the way advisory meetings are being conducted between bankers and their clients. Innovative handwriting recognition and interactive data visualisation enhance the personal experience, drive efficiency and have proven to increase the overall quality of the customer journey on multiple touchpoints. The UI-Design & Manual for bankNotes has been developed by Nerves.

Vrenelis Gärtli

In front of our agency a cloud of plastic, wire mesh and countless cable ties has risen. What sounds pretty awful, is actually very majestic. The Swiss artist and pianist, Barb Wagner, is the creator of the radiant flower-cloud. We thank her for the great art loan!


To kick off the year, we let our Slotty generate personal 2019 mottos for all our clients, friends and family. Train passengers and pedestrians that commute by our offices also get to enjoy some of the randomness with a huge 3 x 1.5m digital installation on our office building. To make it happen we used a special rear-projection film.

Get your own 2019 motto at or download our sexy screensaver for OS X


KETS is the leading Make Up Academy in Switzerland and continues to expand. As a strategic partner, Nerves supports KETS in the areas of branding, design and technology. Along with the opening of the new headquarters and training facilities in Wallisellen we launched the extensive rebranding. The brand is not just visually matured. Nerves' in-house technology supports all the Academy's business processes and drives growth digitally.

We all love chocolate

Nerves is proud to support industry leader Barry Callebaut in its bold ambition to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025. Barry Callebauts' Forever Chocolate program evolves around four key areas: Prospering Farmers, Zero Child Labor, Thriving Nature and Sustainable Chocolate. The launch of the progress report was celebrated in Zurich and other regions with the Forever Chocolate Day.

ma bouteille

Local water in stylish packaging with personalised design-bottles – ma bouteille offers a valuable ecological service for the hotel industry and gastronomy. Nerves caters the Swiss label with a fitting website.