Tribes of Caïn

Artwork for the limited edition of the double LP “Essence of Fire”, in collaboration with Milan Hofstetter.


Not all websites have to be complicated. For the automated-packaging company Packdivision we created a simple (yet very effective) website, along with a clean branding and a set of illustrations.

Photorealistic Camera Mapping

The art of taking a photo and placing computer generated graphics into the scene is a solved problem. The trick to stunning realism is lighting - that is recreating an accurate lighting model of the scene at hand. This allows any computer generated objects to interact with scene lighting in an convincing manner with reflections, shadows, scatter and illumination.

We recently created a set of camera-mapped rendered images of different event layouts for the local concert and event venue X-TRA. They are used in the brochures and event-configurator on their website.

SSMM 2018

50% of vehicles produced worldwide use Sika technology.
100% of Sika's Senior Management Meetings rely on Nerves' Branding expertise.

Beautiful things don't ask for attention

Everyone in Switzerland knows her face: Sarina Arnold, the Swiss top model. Less known is that she's also a successful designer of finest jewelry. Her brand and website got a complete make-over by Nerves. Along with it, we created a custom-made online shop making the exquisite jewelry available worldwide through a slipstreamed experience.

Merging the digital and physical world

The Swiss cosmetics brand Filabé is stirring up the industry with new products, new services and a new look. We created a digital animation which interacts with the physical world, where icons bubble around the newly unveiled products creating a lively backdrop.

30 minutes of fame

Boldomatic presentation „Renaissance of Social Media“ at the GDI in Rüschlikon. The SMAMA mobile day attracted 70 industry experts and executives. Steffen was showing off on stage with his fancy new glasses.

Accounting can be fun.

Corporate Design for the ASR - Accounting Services Rohner company. Who said accounting has to look boring?

We love beautiful maps.

One that caught our attention recently is the Swiss Topographic 25m-Satellite image provided by the Swiss Federal Office of Topography. We created our own version, re-colouring the image and fixing satellite-stitching blemishes. The result is stunning, and we provide the 133-megapixel image as a zoomable tiled map on our servers.

It's well worth to take a look:

Sopra Mare

Design of the new packaging labels for Sopra Mare, producer of finest olive oil, wine and grappa.