Taro Violet

Yannick Aellen enters new runway for sound with his band Taro Violet.

Cinnamon Reporting

Branding, Landing Page and Sample Report

Mode Suisse Edition 17

Key Visual, Posters, Invitation and Credit Sheet

Impressions from the show (photos by Alexander Palacios)

Gold is in the details

The new visual identity for Steiner Architekten

Forever Chocolate Day 2019

Nerves is proud to support Barry Callebaut's #ForeverChocolate initiative since its launch in 2016. New milestones have been recognized by the New York Times and were celebrated in an all-employee event in Zurich.

ZHAW School of Engineering

Concept, design and realisation of the new Undergraduate Degree brochures. Founded back in 1874 as the Technikum Winterthur, the School of Engineering is an institute of education with a rich tradition. As one of the leading engineering faculties in Switzerland, the university focuses on topics which will continue to be relevant long into the future.

SSMM 2019

Yes, we did it again. This time in Vienna.

Nerves Floral

We found these beautiful postcards from the 40's in a small shop in Zurich and planted our Nerves letters into them.

The worst (but most accurate) volume control

Recently a fantastic UX experiment has been circulating the internet: design the worst volume control thinkable. Quite a few really good examples have been developed by UX developers from all corners.

We set out to make our own, however we upped the ante with the goal to make both a really bad UX experience, but also offer unparalleled functionality:

According to our calculations, you will need to scroll about 1.2km on a standard setup to reach 100%. This is rather tedious, but you can set the volume to a trillionth of a percent precisely. A great feature of our volume control: it's responsive, so the larger you make your browser window the greater accuracy control you will gain.

New Business Cards

have arrived