KETS is the leading Make Up Academy in Switzerland and continues to expand. As a strategic partner, Nerves supports KETS in the areas of branding, design and technology. Along with the opening of the new headquarters and training facilities in Wallisellen we launched the extensive rebranding. The brand is not just visually matured. Nerves' in-house technology supports all the Academy's business processes and drives growth digitally.

We all love chocolate

Nerves is proud to support industry leader Barry Callebaut in its bold ambition to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025. Barry Callebauts' Forever Chocolate program evolves around four key areas: Prospering Farmers, Zero Child Labor, Thriving Nature and Sustainable Chocolate. The launch of the progress report was celebrated in Zurich and other regions with the Forever Chocolate Day.

ma bouteille

Local water in stylish packaging with personalised design-bottles – ma bouteille offers a valuable ecological service for the hotel industry and gastronomy. Nerves caters the Swiss label with a fitting website.

ETH Transfer

Design concept, key visual and brochure for ETH transfer, the technology transfer office of ETH Zürich.

New Design Power²

Two savvy newcomers have joined the Nerves family. Welcome Maria Kornienko and Nadine Federspiel. We are looking forward to great works!

ENGIE-Forum 2018

We had the honor to develop the event branding for the 4th ENGIE-Forum in the grand Umwelt Arena Switzerland.

Just Hits

Bringing ideas to life, big or small: enjoy this neat little animation we produced for X-TRA and Radio 24.


To wonder how, is to begin to understand why Nectar embodies the future of Wealth Management. AI and machine learning play an integral role in the process of democratizing the investment processes and to shift the financial returns to the people. Nerves helps shape the ambitious Nectar brand from a strategic, as well as operational, point of view across digital and offline channels.

Augmented Reality Display

In our continued research into the applications of augmented reality on mobile devices, we've prototyped a display-case concept where a turbojet engine is showcased with all its moving parts. The experience is triggered by a info-plaque, and serves to demonstrate how a simple static informational display can spring to life in the digital world. Such a experience can be extended in endless possibility: info labels, content drill down, video integration, et cetera. One of the amazing features of AR tech on mobile devices is the quality of the tracking, even if the original marker (the plaque) is no longer in view - thanks to the fast graphics processor and the very high definition accelerometer and gyro sensor. This allows for a immersive experience where you can dive into the object displayed and view it from all angles.

Augmented Reality Signage System

Navigating roads nowadays is easy - GPS solved that for us years ago. Navigating indoor areas and complex buildings is often still quite hard. A robust and well thought-through signage system is a must, but what if our favourite little devices could help us? We set-out to explore the usage of augmented reality for building signage, taking advantage of powerful image recognition software and world-space tracking algorithms. Our proof-of-concept shows how a static sign can augment in the digital realm to become a bit more useful. In our experiment we demonstrate how such an interface could work: navigational signs are automatically recognized and extended to show the path to the final destination.