Sophie & Renée

The whitelabelling provider of fresh convenient food is about to disrupt the industry. The established catering experts from Franzoli chose Nerves to shape the offering and brand. The innovative MISE EN PLACE Technology, developed in-house by Nerves, provides customers with a comprehensive backend portal as a cockpit for assisting the entire operations and management. Get a taste for its capabilities.

3D customizable packaging for web, mobile and desktop? Yes, its possible. Thanks to our continuous R&D efforts in pushing the boundaries of web technologies, our 3D JavaScript framework allows us to include a fully-3D packaging viewer that let's visitors customize the labels and upload their own logos - creating a strong marketing hook for potential customers.

The comprehensive backend portal, developed for both internal use and for customers, provides detailed insights and tools for managing the entire business process. From maintaining detailed catalogs with thousands of product variations to placing orders to printing autogenerated packaging labels, the backend system is a workhorse supporting vital day-to-day operations. Not only are common tasks such as generating invoices and packing slips automated, but even a customers brand and pricing is automatically applied to all the packaging labels and printed on-demand on location next door to the kitchen.

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Nerves is a creative agency based in Zurich.

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