Nectar Analytics

Web Design, Brand Refreshing

Either up or down, it's just two directions that an investment can go. Two basic options — sounds simple to pick one. It's not. What makes investment decisions so complex are the vast amounts of factors and data that move the needle. Nectar Analytics processes both structured as well as unstructured data through their tech-engine and provide predictive analytics so their clients and partners make smarter investment decisions. We have been working with the Nectar team for the past years and supported their evolution through multiple stages of rebranding, product launches and company spin-off to its recent renaming to Nectar Analytics with its brand spanking new website.

BURRI Configurator

BURRI public elements – the company with a long tradition shapes our public spaces like no other. As strategic partner, we guide BURRI on their digital journey. Together we develop solutions at the interface of people and space where modern technology and digital networking make a meaningful difference. For example, we breathe new life into the design classic of 1939, the Landi Bank.

Taro Violet

Yannick Aellen enters new runway for sound with his band Taro Violet.