Bühler & You

Creating a rebranding for a friendly agency was a wonderful task. At Bühler & Bühler, there is a great atmosphere in the team and they live a partnership approach with their clients. We focused on these essential values. The focus is on the employees and the customers. Each and every one of them is a part of the new branding: "Buhler & Rebecca" just as much as "Buhler & Swisscom. Because only together have Bühler & Bühler become what they are today in ten years.

AI Self-Portrait

We asked AI to draw a self portrait of itself, 10'000 times. Here is what we discovered the next morning.

Visana Fit Platform

Together for a healthier Switzerland: Visana advocates for an active, healthy lifestyle. Nerves provides the concept, design, and programming of the new digital platform. For the autumn launch campaign, the ambassadors Mujinga, Chrigu, and Ditaji motivate people to participate in the Visana Challenge through a widespread campaign on TV, out-of-home, and digital channels, while also introducing them to the new health platform. An attractive offer is presented that motivates, inspires and can easily be integrated into the daily lives of families in Switzerland.

The digital platform provides users with knowledge and information about personal health and fitness and encourages active participation. Users can join in a variety of challenges, ranging from cooking and baking competitions to daily personal fitness tips and mental health checks. The offering is continuously expanding - which doesn't come to a surprise since after the launch campaign, the platform already has over 10,000 active users.