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Credit Suisse Asset Management Portal

Credit Suisse Asset Management, along with their innovation team from the iAM Lab, recognized the importance of a truly interactive clickable prototype to properly test and ultimately deliver the best possible user experience for the new Asset Management Portal.

Traditional web prototypes often don't have the amount of flexibility needed for an agile development approach, resulting in static mock-ups and an untested result. That's why at Nerves we love to implement prototypes using real, made-for-production frameworks and technologies, allowing us to move fast and integrate changes and feedback across-the-board immediately.

We found a great partner in Nerves. With great commitment they were able to deliver concrete solutions, crucial for the user experience, in a very short time.
Pascal R. Nägeli, Chief Digital Officer Credit Suisse Asset Management

With over 470 billion USD in assets under management, and 440 investment funds, the new Asset Management Portal will provide a key service for the wide array of customers and is part of the Credit Suisse push into digitalization.

Nerves was tasked to design and develop, over a set of seven sprints and fourteen weeks, a fully-functional clickable portal prototype, including the user interface, master layouts, key functionality and a staging backend for simple business logic and data warehousing. Our implementation even includes implementations of proprietary portfolio strategies and a fully functional fund filter and search mechanism.

The prototype caters for multiple user profiles and encompasses the requirements from multiple divisions at Asset Management. Serving as the foundation and gold-standard, the prototype has proven itself as very valuable throughout all phases of the rather complex and large portal IT project.


Blockchain is all the hype in the web3 tech space. However, there are overwhelmingly many cases where blockchain just doesn't make sense as a technical foundation. Some of blockchain's most powerful features, such as it's distributed nature and publicly verifiable cryptographic ledger, isn't needed in many private business cases.

That's why we created the Entitychain – a simple yet powerful ledger of events that are tied to entities (objects). Entitychain is founded on our extensive experience building web platforms for business-critical operations, with simplicity and the human at the center. We wanted something that is easy to read and understand, while providing a robust and extensible platform. It's very simple: everything in the Entitychain is a string of events that link entities together – forming the ledger. The ledger (the string of events) can be viewed in it's entirety or just a specific section that is relevant to you. You can focus on any entity or event and explore its graph in the Entitychain universe. And, importantly, the ledger allows for easy diagnostics and tracking, as well as management over any entities lifespan. Oh, and it's lightweight and fast as hell.

Our in-house Machinata web platform now comes with an Entitychain module and editor. It allows anyone to easily design and manage an Entitychain, and it allows developers to plugin data and events to the Entitychain with ease. Try it out yourself in the latest Machinata builds.