Technology conquers barriers.

Are you lost in the age of information? We can guide you. Nerves applies the right technology to turn the digital curse into a blessing: for people, services, businesses and brands.

Our engineering power has been recognized by Apple, TechCrunch, NZZ, Blick, Yahoo Finance and many more. The digital solutions we offer range from simple web applications to complex technology stacks.

Case Study Boldomatic

Crowned as the Instagram for text, Boldomatic has been developed from the ground up by Nerves.

Our full-stack technology has been integral for the success of Boldomatic.

Key components include the multi-platform application for iOS, Android and Web, along with a powerful backend system.

With insights and real-time analytics, business operations can be closely monitored and the product continuously improved.

A fully scalable platform, Boldomatic has active users from over 170 countries.

Smart services call for smart solutions

Our on-the-fly rendering technology helps Boldomatic serve over one million unique products worldwide. A fully automated system eliminates the need for warehouses and tedious data entry, allowing users to order custom-made products within seconds.

Sales-driven catalogues are automatically generated using insights from users' activities and interests.

Since its launch in 2012, Boldomatic went global and has turned into a successfully operating company, currently valued at $6M.

We provide digital solutions for web, products, apps, campaigns, events and more.