Brands deserve character.

Strong brands are not made by chance, they are born out of courage, passion and creativity. We help you close the gaps between what is and what your brand aspires to be.

Question Everything

  1. Do we have the right positioning in the market?
  2. What sets us apart and how do we tell our story best?
  3. Is our strategy in-line with the image we desire?
  4. Do we possess a contemporary design?
  5. Are we using the right channels to reach our target audience?
  6. Can technology assist us to communicate more efficiently?

The branding exercise kicks off with these fundamental questions. Sustainable and strong branding is built on this kind of wholistic examination. With a big picture understanding, we discover the nuances that often determine the success of a brand.

Case Study X-TRA

The event location in Zurich is known by the city. The task of Nerves was to dissolve the brand image as a party location of millenials and to position X-TRA in the corporate context, both from a content and visual point of view.

The Bauhaus style is reflected in the new branding of X-TRA. The formal language is borrowed from Constructivism and staged in a contemporary way. The logo relies on sober, versatile quality.

The development of the X-TRA logo over time:
The brand has noticeably matured.

Another central, emotional anchor of the positioning is the colorful history of the location. First contact on the website comes with a punch.

You need to know what drives your target audience to understand the sales funnel. How do we map the customer journey most effectively?

Advertised landing pages act as a central marketing tool and pick up the target audience with tailor-made communication on their channels.

Whether it's about establishing a new, repositioning an existing, or freshening-up a brand - Nerves develops personalities, not just brands.